Approval and Quota


The approval process for a Service Provision Request is entered as a result of the /ManageIQ/System/Policy/ServiceTemplateProvisionRequest_created policy being run from a request_created event. This results in a Service Provisioning Profile lookup to read the value of the auto_approval_state_machine attribute, which by default is ServiceProvisionRequestApproval for a Service Provision Request. The second relationship from the event runs the Default Instance of this State Machine.


The Schema for the ServiceProvisionRequestApproval State Machine is:


The Default Instance has the following Field values:


This Instance will auto-approve all Service Provisioning Requests.


Quota checking for a Service Provision Request in ManageIQ Capablanca (CloudForms Management Engine 5.5) uses the same consolidated quota mechanism as described in Quota Management.

The quota checking process is entered as a result of the /System/Policy/ServiceTemplateProvisionRequest_starting policy being run from a request_starting event. The policy Instance jumps straight to the quota State Machine from its rel2 Relationship:


Currently the code does nothing if a quota is exceeded for a Service provision, but we can add a policy /System/Policy/ServiceTemplateProvisionRequest_denied to our own domain, that contains a Relationship to the /Service/Provisioning/Email/ServiceTemplateProvisionRequest_Denied email Instance in the RedHat Domain. Of course we should ideally copy this Email Instance into our own Domain as well so that we can customise the from_email_addres, to_email_addres, and signature attributes.

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